The Lego Ultimate Building Set is a Great Present

This Lego Ultimate Building Set 405 pieces (6166) would be a great starter set to give to a child who has reached the age of 4 years old, simply because there are some small pieces included in the set.

With cute and interesting Lego models to make, it will keep children entertained happily for hours, as they discover just what they can make with the 405 pieces.

They will be very pleased with themselves when they realise that they have advanced so far with their building skills, and that they are capable of building different Lego models than previously.

The set includes 2 minifigures, a building plate, and enough pieces to build a dog, a car, a house with wheel elements and a great looking Helicopter.

A different game entirely is the Sonic Slam Virtual Tennis Game, and this is wonderful for children of most ages, and of course Adults will be eager to play as well.

There are 3 levels of difficulty, so beginners can start on the slower speed, and gradually increase the Sonic Slam to a more advanced game to play.

This Sonic Slam Interactive Tennis Game has sensors built-in to the fantastic looking tennis rackets, and has sound and motion technology, which give great sound and voice effects, to make it a very realistic Sonic Slam game.

It is perfectly safe to use indoors or outdoors, so it’s a brilliant game to keep children occupied if the weather is bad outside, and as there are no actual tennis balls involved, you don’t have to worry about damage in the home.

As each player hits the invisible ball, the racket makes a sound to confirm that it has connected with the racket, and it cleverly keeps score and gives voice overs stating how the game is progressing.

It would make an excellent present, and the whole family will have lots of fun using the Sonic Slam Game.