Why pick a solar powered fountain?

It’s time for a garden revamp! You’ve had the same old pond for fifteen years and you’re in need of an update. There are so many options out there these days it can seem a bit hard to decide what to choose. New technology has seen reams of solar powered equipment fill the stores and when thinking of your garden why not take a look at the solar powered water features available.

Solar water features for gardens have many advantages and disadvantages and you need to weight these up before you make your final decision when picking your new garden ornament.

The main pros are:

  • Electricity free – solar power means you need no electricity to run your water feature, saving you plenty of money.
  • Mobility – solar powered water features can be picked up and moved much more simply than electric models which need to be plugged into the mains sockets.
  • Easy to run – solar powered equipment is extremely low maintenance and you don’t need to remember to turn it off – it’s controlled by sunlight!
  • Versatile – a solar water feature can be used indoors, outdoors or on a trip.
  • Dual usage – a solar powered water feature can be used in your home as a substitute humidifier

The mains cons are:

  • Sunlight – for a solar powered water feature to work at its best, it needs to always be in direct sunlight, difficult perhaps on cloudy days.
  • Night time – you cannot run your solar water feature in the evening.

As you can see there are many more advantages than disadvantages and to solve the problems with solar water features, many companies are producing dual fuel models so you can switch to electricity when you need to.

A solar powered fountain could be the perfect modern addition to your garden and exactly the change you were after.