Two Kinds of Coals for Grilling

Grilling with the use of charcoal is popular and it produces delicious food. Charcoal grills, like the cast iron hibachi grill, are very popular. People spend countless hours grilling food and enjoying it with their family and friends.  One of the great secrets for terrific grilled food is the charcoal used for cooking. People may not this but the charcoal makes a difference on the food.

There are a lot of options for charcoal users. Let us take a quick look and examine the different types of charcoal.

  • Pressed Charcoal Briquets. This is the typical charcoal which most people use on their charcoal grills when barbecuing. The standard Kingsford charcoal is the one most commonly seen in supermarkets today. These are made from small pieces of wood and other materials which are organic in nature like chips and seeds. These items are pressed together to form briquets. These often contain chemical binders and igniters which make them ignite easily and burn for longer periods of time.
  • Pressed Charcoal Briquets with Smoking Wood. These are so-called because aside from the usual items in pressed charcoal briquets, it has an added piece, smoking woods. The wood which is commonly used is either hickory or mesquite. These add the flavor of real smoking woods to the barbecue.
  • Match Lighting Charcoal. As implied by the name, this type is easier to ignite compared to the others because it contains kerosene-like lighter fluid chemicals. You will not have to use any lighter fluid to start fire on your charcoal.
  • Lump Charcoal. These are pure hardwood pieces which have been charred. There are several forms and various types of hardwood used for this. A lot of producers make them from various woods and with several sizes of briquets.

Now that you know what the types of charcoal are, you will be able to get the correct one to use with your cast iron hibachi.