Why is a Pre-existing Condition Important to Consider?

Many people treat their pet an as inseparable part of their family. They give them almost everything that a pet will need like nutritious food, exercise, shelter and other basic things. There are even some owners that extend these efforts into applying their pet into an insurance policy that will cover them in case of an accident, illness and other hospitalization that can cost you up to thousands of dollars.

These policies are like human insurance policies that contain different coverage, deductibles and premium sum that will vary depending on the age, breed and pre existing condition of your pet. You can apply your pet into a policy as early as 6 weeks of age or older.

Before applying into an insurance policy it is important to take into account whether pet insurance pre existing conditions covered are logical. Most companies don’t cover pre existing conditions of your pet. These are diseases that occurred prior to the date of application of the policy. You can ask companies regarding the terms and conditions so that you will know if the diseases are covered. There are some diseases that pet insurance pre existing conditions covered given that it is already cured. Diseases like diarrhea, urinary tract infections and bladder infections are covered given that the symptoms don’t show within the last twelve months of the policy. While some illnesses like skin allergies, cancer, food allergies and many diseases of the same magnitude are tagged as incurable and not covered with the policy.

Ask the insurance company whether the diseases of your pet are covered so that you will be sure that paying premiums will be worth it. It will be also good if you will apply your pet as young as possible so that every condition can be covered by the company. You can also acquire a wellness care policy to ensure that you can have the maximum protection for your pet.