Fast Home Treatment For Contact Dermatitis

When the upper layers of the skin are inflamed, it is very likely that you are suffering from contact dermatitis. This is a condition that is triggered by the skin coming in contact with elements it is allergic to. It is common among infants and people with sensitive skins although it can affect anybody at any age. In its mild form, the condition is characterized by extreme itchiness, skin breaking, pain, inflammation caused by irritation, red or yellow spots, bleeding, rashes and scales. The extreme itchiness is often irresistible and when scratched, it breaks the skin exposing the patient to other infections.

There are several remedies for eczema although the best treatment of contact dermatitis is using home remedies that may include ingredients like milk, honey, oat meal, and olive tea tree and coconut oils. The suitability of each form of treatment often depends on the severity of the infection and the area affected. Even after treatment, the skin will remain sensitive and is likely to flare up on the slightest irritation, it is therefore vital that measures be put in place to protect it. Home based or natural remedies are better since they have no chemicals, hence there will be no chance of renewed infections or side effects.

Keep the affected area moisturized at all times, even before bed because dermatitis prevails in damp conditions. Use a natural based moisturizer or one that is made for sensitive skin and has no chemicals. For eczema in children, it is very important that the area is not scratched, and you can minimize the chances of this happening by trimming the child’s nails regularly. Since their skins are very sensitive and their body defenses weak, extra caution must be observed when treating child. The most effective way to prevent dermatitis is keeping the skin away from allergens to prevent irritation altogether.