How to Choose the Best Editor for Joomla Depending on Your Specific Needs

Joomla is a simple, easy to use open-source content management system. Technical skills in computer programming and hundreds of dollars are not necessary to run this system and establish your own website. Over the years, Joomla has earned a good reputation and creditability through several independent and organizational website owners and developers.

It is amazing how Joomla continuously provides assistance and exceptional services to its users. How do they do it? By providing a vast variety of extensions and/or applications intended for specific functions. In this article, I will discuss one of the most common Joomla extensions used by Joomla users. You see, if you are managing a website, whether for personal, business, or corporate use, constant editing of its content is expected so that updates and improvements of information and data can be accomplished. For this precise function, Joomla has included in its directory several editing extensions and plugins.

Editing extensions and plugins, normally called Joomla editors, allow users to create and edit, without limitations and the need of HTML, CSS and XHTML knowledge, any kind of web content. Users may upload, share, rename, cut, copy, paste, delete, insert, and customize the format of various files, whether document, images, music, or video files.

Users may also modify links to content within the different sections on your webpage. Users can create categories, archives, contacts, web links, and signatures too. Other Joomla editors have integrated spell checking features using Google™ Spellchecker and also being able to take control of your code with syntax highlighting in the Advanced Code editor and advanced style and element options.

If you are curious to find out which is the best editor for Joomla, I honestly do not have a particular name in mind because my idea of it is, only the user can identify which of the Joomla editors satisfy his or her requirements and which is more convenient and easier to use. It is up to individual preference.

However, I can provide a list of the popular Joomla editors that have received a number of positive reviews from other Joomla users. You might want to check each of them out and then decide which one is the best, depending on your needs and abilities.

• Artof Editor
• CodeMirror
• Xinha
• TMEdit
• IDoEditor
• RokPad
• CKEditor
• JCK Editor
• JCE—Joomla! editor’s pick

Aside from the basic customization and editing features of JCE, it has become the top choice because of its extendability. Users can apply other plugins to maximize the features of JCE, like an application within an application.