How to Find the Best Garden Soil Mix for Producing High Quality, Beautiful and Healthy Plants

Most people think that gardening is easy as long as they have the basics: seeds, soil, yard, water, air, sunlight, and fertilizer. That’s it. Yes, sure, there is the potential growth of crops if all these requirements are met, but how can they be so sure if the crops they are to harvest are healthy and if the seeds are maximized into fully grown flowers, bushes or even vegetables?

What people must know and understand is, there are techniques on how to improve gardening in order to produce high quality flora. We’ll start with the most undervalued element of gardening — the soil. Most think that as long as they have any type of soil they are good to go for gardening.

But, the real deal is, one must feed the soil first so that the soil may feed the plant. This is the key in maintaining a productive garden. There are two ways to identify whether the soil is healthy or not. Check on the soil texture and structure. Good garden soil is crumbly — not loose, not hard, but crumbly. When in doubt, you can always help improve the quality of the soil to attain this texture and structure. The only way to improve the quality of the garden and veggies or flowers is by using a garden soil mix instead of the ordinary soil one gets from everywhere.

The best garden soil mix is comprised of microorganisms and other organisms, like earthworms and insects, and organic matter. There is a give and take relationship between the microorganism and organic matter which is beneficial to the soil. Organic matter is the food source of these organisms that produce nutrients for the soil when decomposition begins. Organisms crawling in the soil aerate the latter through decomposition and waste materials.

Another thing about a good garden soil mix is that this organic matter contains acids. Acids are helpful in making the plant roots become more permeable. This means that more nutrients, minerals, and water can be absorbed by the plant roots. However, make sure not to make the soil too acidic. Meticulous gardeners check on the soil pH before planting. The normal soil pH is 7.0, but there are certain plants that prefer a different level of pH than the normal range so make sure to find out the best pH levels for the plants that you intend to plant so that you can work on maximizing their growth and quality.

Going back to organic matter, there are three types: compost, animal manure, and green manure. Any of these three or a combination of all works sufficiently to provide a good garden soil mix.

So, in gardening, investing in and buying the best garden soil before planting any seeds is well worth the extra expense. You won’t regret you did especially if you take pride in the quality and beauty of your garden and its plants.