Durable Geo Storm

Isuzu manufactured this compact sports car Geo Storm from 1990 to 1993. A main goal of the company was to provide a sleek sports model car that was less expensive and affordable for the middle class. It was available in two models, the 2-door hatchback and a station wagon. It’s basic design was taken from the Geo Spectrum which was available as a sedan or a hatchback.

The Storm is also derived from the Isuzu Impulse except that it left off some of the more expensive extras. The main differences were in the suspension system and the optional turbo charger. The Impulse also had all wheel drive whereas the Storm has front wheel drive as a standard feature.

The Geo Storm out sold almost every Geo Metro car in the late nineties. Japan was responsible for manufacturing the Storm but it was sold in USA and Canada. Manufacturing of the Storm was discontinued along with the Impulse in 1993.

The Storm’s performance features were rated pretty high especially for its class.It was rated better than most of the compact cars from that era. Handling was rated high as was its quick acceleration speed. It was rated very high in skidpad testing as well.

The Geo Storm was reported in consumer reviews as a good buy. Other than routine maintenance and general upkeep it rarely needs service. Geo Storm parts are readily available should the need arise. Most consumer reports stated it needed very little maintenance intervention. And most consumers state very high mileage as one of its best features.

Because of its durability and ability to last for many miles it was viewed as an economically wise investment. Add to this the smart sporty features and the Storm is a package deal that was difficult to refuse. Although it was only featured for a few years, it made its mark on the automobile market.