Factors for Selecting the Right Portable BBQ Grill

How portable should a portable BBQ grill be? The answer to this question will depend on numerous factors, the most important of which are listed below.
What are you going to cook? If you’re unfamiliar with outdoor cooking, you should know that the best types of food to cook are those that don’t spoil easily such as canned goods. Meats and vegetables, on the other hand, spoil easily when they’re not stored properly. Some portable BBQ grills may not have the features needed for cooking complicated dishes while the more advanced models could probably produce gourmet dishes as long as you have the skills for them.
How many are you going to cook for? A portable BBQ grill that’s around 300 to 500 square inches in size could probably be sufficient for a small family. But if you are feeding a huge group then you’ll need a bigger grill that’s at least 700 square inches in size. Just remember that bigger grills don’t necessarily mean they’re not portable. They can still prove to be compact if they’re easy to assemble and disassemble.
Consider its BTU as well. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, and it’s the unit of measurement used for fuel consumption. A basic portable BBQ grill would probably operate with 25,000 BTU. That’s sufficient for cooking simple dishes which don’t require too much heat. But if you’re thinking of, say, grilling steaks then you’ll need a minimum of 45,000. Oh, and yes, the higher the fuel consumption of your grill, the more expensive it’s sure to be.
What is your grill made of? That’s another question to ask a sales representative when shopping for portable grills. In terms of outdoor cooking, you should forget about any preference for material but prioritize instead units that are made of weather-resistant materials. That’s the only way you can ensure your portable BBQ grill to remain rust-free and completely safe to use.