Thoughts On My First Foot Tattoo

The first time I decided to have a tattoo, one of the most important questions I asked myself was, in what part of my body would I want to be tattooed. I had plenty of options, actually. It took me a while to decide on a particular part of my body. I read reviews and feedback from tattoo enthusiasts. Then, I decided to have one on the upper right side of my right back shoulder blade. However, throughout my research about tattoos during those times, I remember getting intrigued by foot tattoos. Apart from my other options was foot tattoo designs. My primary reason was, having the procedure done on the foot seems sure painful. It is close to the bones, mind you.

There are articles about tattoos that state that most tattoo artist refuse undertake foot tattoos because the procedure may be crucial and too painful for the customers. For those who don’t have an idea yet, one of the general rules in having a tattoo is, tattoos on the foot and hand, or anywhere right over bone, hurt the most. Tattoo artists recommend parts of the body such as the shoulder or upper arm, where less pain can be felt.

In fact, when you are undergoing the process, you can really as if the needles are pricking your bones. So, how much worse can it feel if the tattooing is being done close to the bones? However, amidst the pain that one may experience from this and being a rare choice, I, personally, or perhaps some of you, appreciate foot tattoos, especially when women with foot tattoos wear high-heeled shoes. Foot tattoos simply look very sexy and striking to look at. The most common designs that are being used in foot tattoos are stars, flowers, letters, and vine-like Indian designs, starting from the ankle going up to a preferred length of the leg.

Aside from pain tolerance, there are other issues about foot tattoos that you have to consider before deciding to get one. First is the tendency of ink migration. Ink migration means that the ink can possibly spread and blur the tattoo design, not a good idea if you’re looking for skull tattoo designs. This incident may happen in all parts of the body, but more cases were reported to be occurring with foot tattoos. If this happens, the remedy is to have the tattoo design re-inked. Second issue is the healing process. Tattoos usually heal for about two to three weeks. Base from experience, I actually took a bath the next day—in contrast to some who says that you cannot let the tattooed part be wet. What you have to keep in mind is, just do not rub your freshly tattooed body part while it is still in its healing process. For most cases, that’s the only reminder. However, with foot tattoos, additional reminders such as “do not wear shoes or socks yet till the healing is completely done” is added.

So, before you finally decide whether to have a tattoo or not, you should think it through first, to save you from any glitch.