Five Fingers Shoes: Comfort And Style

“Where can I get a good pair of shoes?” This has been a common complaint by most athletes and health buffs today. While there are so many options for them to choose from when it comes to footwear, a lot of people still end up disappointed. Finding the right pair of shoes can be a stressful task. You can either find one that will be too constrictive, or one that will be too loose in certain areas that it can hurt your feet or your ankles. Fortunately, the Vibram Five Fingers Blog has launched an innovative type of footwear that almost simulates the way you feel when running barefoot.

Didn’t we all love running barefoot when we were children? We would love to play without shoes in grassy fields or even in our own backyards. Can you imagine going barefoot in the cold of winter? With this kind of footwear, you can actually wear Five Fingers in cold weather! Five Fingers would be made out of a combination of rubber, leather and stretch fabric for ultimate comfort. Because of its rubber soles, you do not have to worry about hurting your feet from pebbles, thorns or even dust from the ground. The sole acts as a protective shield so you can walk, run, jog or hike with comfort, ease and style.

Very lightweight and durable, a pair of Five Fingers shoes will only weigh as much as 150 grams. Despite its weight, you can be sure that your feet is protected from injury. While others may have worried about not finding a pair that will be right for their uniquely shaped feet, you will be surprised to know that Five Fingers shoes will actually hug your feet, almost like a second skin.

You can fully enjoy your workouts and outdoor activities with this kind of shoes. Check out the Five Fingers blog for more information!