Wedding Unity Candles for a Very Romantic Wedding Ceremony

One of my favorite events would have been weddings because of the romanticism it provides and it also allows couples to let their imagination bring them into a dream wedding event.

The wedding preparation seems to be very personal and it reveals a lot about the characteristics of the couple. For instance, their individuality can be reflected on their invitations, wedding gown, reception, and everything else related to their wedding. Even choosing the people who will be guests for the wedding reveals a lot about the couple.

For people without experiences in wedding events, the preparation stage is quite difficult. There is a need to be aware on what to use and what do these things represent.

For traditional weddings, there are many items used and they have different symbolisms. For instance, color white is used to signify purity, cord for unity of souls, rice for fertility, rings for eternity, and unity candles to symbolize the lives of the couple and their families.

The use of unity candles for weddings has been questioned. The practice began in the 1930s, with the origin being unknown. There are priests who do not acknowledge the use of unity candles during the wedding ceremony. Nonetheless, because the candle is seen to represent Christ, the use of candles has also been permitted by priests.

The most common for wedding unity candles would be those huge candles which are commonly decorated with flowers, or the name and pictures of the couple. Tow people from the two families will light the smaller candles which will then be later used by the couples to light the unity candle. This represents the union of the families and the individuals.

If you are under the wedding preparation stage and you do not have any idea on what to accomplish, it is best to talk to the priest or to the minister so that you will know what is allowed and what is not allowed. This will allow you to get rid of any disruptions on the wedding ceremony itself. There are some who tried to become overdramatic with their rites, only to end up knowing that such practices are not allowed by the church. If you plan to light unity candles, it would be best to first consult the priest or the minister.