Think of Future, Conserve Energy, Use Solar Power

Go green has been the philosophy all over the world. Awareness has been for conservation of energy and also for using alternative method such as the wind, thermal, solar, kinetic energy. Solar energy has been in existence ever since man started to consume energy resources. It is the conversion of sunlight into energy using concentrated solar power or photo electric power.

Solar charger uses the technique of solar energy, where energy is supplied to electronic devices such as iPods, portable Mp3 players, cell phones as well as batteries of electronic devices. A solar charger can charge normal NI-CD batteries as well the lead acid batteries which are up to 400 amps and 48 Volts. It uses solar panels which are very large and Flat Square shaped loaded with individual solar cells which receives the sun light converts them into electricity and is then passed on to charge controller then on to the battery either as alternative or direct current.

Solar chargers are generally used as additional or back up for the main supply charger which assists in saving some energy. It has brought down the usage of toxic chargers also electric waste. Solar chargers are predominantly used in cars to charge the batteries, to re charge cell phone batteries, used in various home appliances such mixers, grinders, remotes, calculators etc. it has been a great boon for travelers as well. Of course it has drawback such as power of sunlight, the sunlight ray. Dark rainy days are not ideal for solar chargers.

Inverters while convert direct current into alternative current. The alternative current is then disposed off according to the wattage and power needed to run the electronic device. Inverter stores the energy in them and emits them as AC when DC is not available. Some of inverter types are power inverter, solar power inverter, ac inverter, etc. power inverters generally varies with watts, and usage capacity. Generally power inverters are used as back up in home and used for lighting, fan, TV and DVD. Higher the watts higher are the capacity of inverter to withstand and supply energy. Distilled water is to be replaced in this type of inverter from time to time; however maintenance free inverters are also available at higher cost.