House Boats For Living

Do you have a dream house?
You must! Dreaming for something is one of the greatest forces that will keep you growing and moving. A man without an ambition will eventually become physically weak, boring and has no direction in life. It is this ambition that will drive you to bounty and beauty and will bring you success in this life. Dreaming of something that will keep you going and motivated especially in the aspect of marriage, career, business and life as a whole is the first step for happiness, fame, power and beauty. It is this very dream that makes progress and development in one’s life and will make a difference and change in a place.

Look at a country where its people were not given the freedom to think and dream. What you could see are slaves that are just contented with toiling for food. You cannot see progress in that place except for the luxurious vehicle and huge villas of their leader. This is very disgusting and needs revolutionary minds to make a reform. Change is possible only if the people in such a country will start to dream for freedom and make a vow to untangle the chains of slavery. Do not be contented and you must learn to live in uncertainties and not with the fix laws created by someone who know nothing except for corruption and self interest.

Dream a house with freedom and comfort for you and your family how about a houseboat from built from houseboat plans. Live a life free of worries and fear. These fears and worries are just mental images in your mind, start changing your perspective first and then dream for a better future and start acting on what you envisioned. Freedom starts from the mind. If your mind is a slave then you will become a slave but if your mind is a king then you will become a king. If you dream to live in a squatter’s area then you will probably be in that place. Why not dream living in a palace? Or if you think it’s impossible, why not dream a floating house or house boat where you could feel comfort and freedom from stress and the busy life in cities. These can be made with house boat plans of varying sizes.

House boats are very prominent in countries like Canada, USA, United Kingdom, China, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Laos and others. This could either be stationary or mobile so you could enjoy well.