Human Cremation: Would You Go For It?

If you are in the brink of dying and your loved one would ask you, “honey, which would you prefer traditional burial or would you rather be cremated?” knowing that your family’s financial status is not doing well these past few years and you do not even have a life insurance that would cover all the funeral expenses. What would you choose? Your husband laid down the cards in front of you, telling you the cost of cremation and how cheap it is compared to traditional burial.

Many people would choose cremation over traditional burial mainly because of financial worries, the cremation costs is much less compared to traditional burial. Still, many people would hate the idea of having their body incinerated. Would you really like to think of your body being burned? To the point of turning it into small particles of ashes?

Why do people choose cremation over traditional burial? The advantages of cremation are actually endless:

1.       Cremation costs- it is way cheaper than traditional burial. Imagine the fact that you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase a cemetery lot. Aside from that you do not have to buy an expensive coffin. Coffin are too expensive compared to the price of urns. Some people may not know what is an urn. An urn is made of metal, ceramic, or bronze that looks like a vase where the ashes of the cremated person is placed.

2.       Less environment pollution- with cremation there is less concern about environment pollution. You do not have to worry about sickness and spreading diseases, especially if the person who dies had a communicable illness.

3.       Cemetery over-crowding- the population of the world is getting bigger everyday and the world is getting smaller and smaller to accommodate all the people and so is the cemetery. The cemetery is getting over crowded and the price of the lot in the cemetery is also getting higher and higher. To address this issue people opt for cremation because you do not need to bury the ashes, you can take it with you in an urn.

Whichever you decide to be done with your remains, always keep in mind that aside from traditional burial you have other option called cremation. The decision is solely yours. Put it in our Last Will and Testament to be sure that what you want will be followed by your bereaved family.