Heritage Cranston Small Wall Mount

To break free from convention and make your home unique, one must look for companies that produce exquisite outdoor goods. Lighting is one area of outdoor design that can’t be ignored. Light mounts are a highly noticeable outdoor element that should be taken advantage of. The problem with today’s lighting industry is that manufacturers are creating mounts that all look similar. However, one company strives to stand apart from the rest- Minka Lavery. The company Minka Lavery crafts beautiful, high quality outdoor light mounts that are truly unique. The Heritage Cranston small wall mount is one of my favorites.

The Heritage Cranston small wall mount is designed to be placed in very specific types of areas. Wall mounts like these work well next to doors as an entry light or on a wall above an outdoor seating area. The mount combines several unique elements to exhibit an old world charm. The light is diffused through a single piece of driftwood glass. This type of glass is rippled and slightly tinged with the color amber. The glass is contained within a dark brown/bronze fixture which is made from aluminum. Aluminum is known for its lightweight properties as well as its ability to resist rusting.

The fixture accepts 120 watt light bulbs of the incandescent or fluorescent varieties. Light bulbs are not included with the fixture. The Cranston mount is designed to be safe to use outdoors and is UL approved for use in damp or wet conditions. Installation can be slightly involved depending on the options available to you. If you want to replace an existing fixture, this light can connect to the electrical wiring that has been already established. If not, then an electrician should be hired to properly set up the wiring system. While Minka Lavery light fixtures can be expensive, its beauty is well worth the price.