Organic Shampoo For Children’s Safety

It is a given that parents will naturally want the best for their children, including when it comes to the hair care products that they use. Children, especially babies and toddlers, have skin that is very sensitive to the ingredients that most commercial body care products contain. Some bath products for children even have ingredients that are outright harmful such as formaldehyde, dioxane, and lots more other chemicals that cause cancer. For this reason, parents should buy organic shampoo and body washes for their little ones.

These organic bath products normally contain organic ingredients derived from plants such as aloe vera, coconut, tea tree oil, shea butter, and other natural ingredients instead of harsh detergents and industrial chemicals. Organic shampoos also do not have artificial fragrances and dyes that can be irritating on skin. For scents, they use extracts from lavender, vanilla, rose, chamomile, and lemon instead. With these gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and fragrances, children’s skin will less likely suffer from allergic reactions.

One highly recommended organic shampoo is the Calaguala Fern Treatment Shampoo from Aubrey Organics. The shampoo is effective in removing oil buildup on the hair and scalp. No less than the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database of the Environmental Working Group recommends this as safe for children. Its ingredient lists includes the following: citrus seed extract, organic lemon peel oil, coconut oil and corn oil soap, white pine bark, evening primrose oil, yucca root, cade wood essential oil, and vitamins A, C and E.

Another shampoo safe for children to use is the Little Angel Shampoo and Body Wash made by Organic Blessings. It is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. This certification attests that the product has been made with ingredients that were processed without using chemicals and pesticides. The ingredient list of this shampoo includes: red mandarin essential oil, apple essence extract, aloe leaf extract, olive oil, soybean oil, and coconut oil. It comes in an 8 ounce bottle that conveniently has a foaming pump for easier use.

When buying organic shampoo and other bath products, be sure to look out for the USDA logo that says “Certified Organic”. A product that has this logo has complied with the guidelines set by the Organic Foods Production Act of the US Department of Agriculture. This is important to know considering that a lot of manufacturers have been riding on the organic bandwagon and making claims without getting certification that their claims are true.