Is the Monster High Doll Appropriate for All Ages?

If you are looking for a cheap Monster High gift for the fans on your Christmas shopping list, you’ve likely spotted that there are few to be found, and the cheapest one that looked promising to you in the beginning is receiving mixed reviews. Readers are giving one and two stars simply because they think they know who the audience of the book is for. It’s gotta be for the little kids who watch the show, right?

The Book’s Intended Audience
Well, no, the Monster High book is intended for the big kids who watch the show, like teenagers. It is in fact by the author of the popular teen book series Clique, and just a short read of the book’s description would inform parents whether or not the book is okay for their kids to read. When my daughter was younger than ten I remember making sure to read up on whatever book she wanted to read if I wasn’t familiar with it, especially if it was something hip and new, because I already don’t like some of the stuff that’s on television that is supposedly for kids.

However, I think it is really unfortunate that reviewers are taking this misunderstanding as a reason to leave such a poor rating of the book. The truth is that there are many, many teenage Monster High fans that are in middle and high school, and this book is a great way for the kids to read something they can relate to. It can be so hard to get this age group to read. So this is a hip book I’m really grateful exists.

Then What About the Younger Audience?
The younger audience is lucky because there are already Monster High dolls, toys and gifts for sale and there have been for a while. All the teenage fans have to wait for the next book to come out in Spring 2011, and then wait again for all the rest of the six part series. Luckily, there is a Justin Bieber doll my teenage gift recipients are lusting after this season.