All About Liability and Collision Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is something that the law requires you to have. Every driver is mandated to have this even those who think that they are good at driving. Accidents can happen to anybody and that is the simple truth. You have to be protected all the time in case it happens. But auto insurance has concepts that are quite different from each other so you need to understand them before you get insurance quotes.

One term that you have to be familiar with is liability auto insurance. This is what covers you in case you get into an accident that has bodily or property damage. This insurance type has three main parts – bodily injury coverage, damage to property coverage, and coverage for uninsured drivers. The first part is what protects you in the event of an accident that you have caused and where you have injured somebody. The auto insurance company will pay for the legitimate expenses for medical care or lost wages. In case you have damaged somebody’s property such as if you ran into their wall or into the side of the house, the property damage coverage is the one that will take care of the repairs. When you are not the one who caused the accident but the driver who did cause it does not carry auto insurance, you get protection from the uninsured or under-insured coverage.

Liability auto insurance is different from collision auto insurance. In the descriptions that we talked about earlier, coverage for fixing the car was not mentioned. The reason for this is that the liability insurance policy does not cover it. For this expense, you will need collision auto insurance especially if you are not looking forward to paying for it out of your own money.

Collision auto insurance takes care of the rapiers that you have to make in case your car collides with something else. This is for accidents where the car has been completely wrecked. If it is just a cracked headlight that was sustained by the car, comprehensive auto insurance is your solution. If you have a newer car, it’s great to have cheap Florida auto insurance with collision protection, or auto insurance for whatever state you live in.

You are allowed to choose the deductible rate for your auto insurance. This is the amount that the insurance provider will pay out to get the car repaired. If you get a higher deductible, you will be able to pay less on the premiums. Collision auto insurance is required for those who are leasing their car especially if it is one that is quite new. This is also needed by those who got their cars financed. Those who are driving older vehicles can skip this since the car’s market value might even be less than the price of premiums that you will be paying.