Turning Jewellery Making Into a Successful Business

So you have an interest in making jewellery, and you have a lot of friends and family who like what you make, and can’t seem to get enough.  This is probably a great sign that there is demand if you decide to take it to the next level.  The question is what actually IS the next level?  Most people decide to start selling the jewellery they’ve been making in their spare time, to varying levels of success.

The Lola Rose Example
One business which has gone from strength to strength in a relatively short period of time is the jewellery maker Lola Rose, rings, necklaces and bracelets being their specialty.  She started out in exactly this way.  Making a single piece of jewellery, and her friends just couldn’t get enough.  It just flowed from there.  The creator, Nicola Gerwitz always knows exactly what she wants, which makes the decision making process easier, as she knows which options fits best with the Lola Rose Jewellery brand.

Brand Values
Having a clear idea of what your brand stands for is essential.  Know the goals you’re trying to meet, and do everything to hit them.  Ms Gerwitz named her business after her grandmother, who was her inspiration and guiding light, who showed her that relatively inexpensive and yet gorgeous jewellery was possible.

Making the transfer from hobbyist to professional jewellery maker is simple.  It doesn’t take a lot of extra space, perhaps more storage space, but jewellery requires relatively room.  You will probably want a small administrative office to attend to the business details you need to look after.

This is the main factor that sets the successes apart from the failures.  If you don’t have confidence in yourself and your product, you shouldn’t even begin the business.  Work on your confidence first.  Don’t think of your jewellery as “home made” as this sounds unprofessional, rather describe them as exactingly crafted and exquisitely designed.  It’s all in the pitch.