The Inflatable First Class Sleeper

Whether you’re going on a long or short fly chances are you want to be as comfortable as possible.  To help maintain a healthy disposition especially if you’re flying coach you need to arm yourself with the right tools.  The 1st Class Sleeper is wowing passengers more and more with its ease of use and comfort.

Consumers who have gotten the chance to experience the comfort of the Sleeper cannot say enough about is comfort and support. Many cannot believe that a pillow with a cost less than thirty bucks can provide such a high level of comfort.  The pillow is versatile enough to be used as a cushion, arm rest or a pillow.  Because it is deflatable you can make the pillow firm or a little softer depending on your personal tastes.  You can even use in conjunction with another favorite pillow for even more comfort if you prefer.

The 1st Class Sleeper Pillow weighs about 20 ounces which makes them quite portable and they easily fit into an overnight bag.  If you’re traveling in a car these pillows should only be used by the passengers for safety reasons.  The pillow is designed to serve travelers ranging in heights from 4 to over 6 feet tall.  It will also comfortably support anyone up to about 300 pounds in weight.  The pillow is not only portable but easy to clean with a little warm and soapy water.  Being comfortable while you travel goes a long way to making sure you are in a great mood once you reach your destination.

The 1st Class Sleeper is revolutionary and transformed the world of travel.  Even if you’re in one of those small cramped coach seats you can still be comfortable.  The pillow is quick to inflate and just as easy to deflate when you’re done.  If you’re ready to enjoy the best rest you’ve even had on a plane then pick up one of these pillows online today.