Seafood Price Hikes

The opening of a brand new Applebees is sure to bring some buzz to any city. We’ll, the opening of the most recent dozen locations has gone extremely well. The year 2009 brought a number of challenges to the restaurant industry. From spiking prices on seafood to an outright stoppage of seafood, Applebees has endured through some of the most difficult of times.   From early May till about mid October, countless restaurant locations had to greatly increase the price of their fresh catch. Each and every shell fish saw a price hike of about 30% nation wide. This hike in price had a significant effect in that it effected a lot of those pholks who visit applebees because of their low prices.   Now, or atleast for a few months, restaurant goers have to get use to the price of seafood being a bit higher. Now instead of that relatively inexpensive rock lobster, you can expect to pay top dollar.   Just about every single business that had anything to do with seafood or shellfish saw a drop off in sales because of the BP oil spill. This spill killed thousands and thousand of fish, seafood, and wildlife in general. It’s for this reason that applebees started offering applebees coupons. These coupons are supposed to save money for restaurant goers that want to eat seafood but don’t want to pay for the price increase. In all actuality, applebees locations saw a nice size increase in business when they started offering their discount coupons.   It was a great move for president Obama insisting on BP setting aside that 20 billion dollars to pay for lawsuits covering the lost wages of restaurants. This fund ensures that BP will not be able to stiff applications for compensation. This fund sends out a message that the oil spill itself is not acceptable nor will it be tolerated. It is simply not acceptable for a foreign company to have such a negative effect on our US economy.