Adidas Copa Mundial – The Most Popular Soccer Cleats

The Adidas Copa Mundial range of soccer boots was designed with the 1982 FIFA world cup games in mind, but released as early as in 1979. The Copa made its mark in the world cup and never ceased to be one of the top selling soccer shoes till date. It is still popular and great in demand among football players.

The design of the copa has never changed after the release, but manages to hold the attention of soccer enthusiasts in large numbers. This most popular soccer boot is made of ultra soft kangaroo leather and wears a classy look. The quality of the leather is a constant reminder of the money’s worth to the buyer. The thin, soft leather easily forms to the foot and one does not require breaking it before using it for a game. The copa’s can be worn strait out of the box. The tongue of the shoe is unusually long that goes well with the design of the boots.

Being a superb fit for the wearer, ordering half a size lesser will be better suited. Though made of leather and the soleplate is very similar to other shoes, copa does not need much time for breaking in. The Adidas F50 Adizero is one of the latest soccer cleats that do not need break in time.

Being released in 1979, not much technology has gone into the making of the Adidas Copa and no new changes have taken place even now. But it still remains one of the most liked soccer boots in the world because of its quality. Adidas offered a limited-edition 25th anniversary package in 2007 that came with a special wooden box, shoe tree, shoe polish, cloth and key chain. The boot also had ‘Copa Mundial’ engraved in golden letters. The copa’s are timeless and still rank as the most popular among soccer lovers.