How to Add Google Friend Connect to WordPress

In the completed survey done by WPMU DEV, 38 percent of the total 100 percent people surveyed claimed that they log their Google account details when visiting other websites. Major social networking sites, forums, and blogs tie up with Google to allow convenience for users and anonymous website visitors to interact with each other online. A typical scenario is when a blog reader would like to comment on a blog post. Let say for example with WordPress; a reader sees the friendly Google icon, clicks it, and then logs in his or her Google ID before submitting the message. Once the message has been submitted, the name of the reader will automatically be posted. If the blog owner wishes to contact the commenter, he or she may do so by simply clicking the reader’s name icon. The blog owner will be directed to the reader’s Google page.

Adding a Google friend to WordPress for more social interaction possibilities has been made easy by the WordPress Google Friend Connect Integration plugin. The instructions on how to add Google friend connect to WordPress are easy.

Below are the detailed step-by-step instructions to get started.
1. Sign in your Google account details to Google Friend Connect.
2. Click on Set Up a New Site
3. Choose the kind of website you wish to add with Google Friend Connect—either for standard website or for blogger blogs
4. You’ll then be directed to an overview introduction about the services provided by the Google Friend Connect. Feel free to browse through all the useful information and tips. Once done reading, click Continue.
5. The next step is to enter your site name and home URL. Click Continue.
6. You will be asked to download the rpc_replay.html and canvas.html files in your site. Upload both files in your blog’s root directory using an FTP client. Click Continue.
7. Click Test to Finalize Setup
8. Click Get Code for the Members Gadget
9. Customize your Member gadget (size, colors, style, etc.)
10. Generate the html code and copy
11. Log in to your WordPress site.
12. On the Appearance box, select Widgets
13. Click Add to the Text category
14. Paste the html code on the text box provided for Google Friend Connect.
15. Click Done and Save Changes

You may add as many Members gadgets on your website as you want. You can also try custom gadget version for a more comprehensive widget features. With Google Friend Connect, you can create your own social network niche in your WordPress site. Enjoy!