Are you looking for a microwave?

In my opinion, the most exciting thing about the kitchen, apart from the great food that one can find there, is the microwave oven. You may say that the refrigerator is also as exciting, as you can find treats like ice-cream, cold coffee and the likes inside of it. Well, the cupboards and the store rooms are fun places to go too, as mom usually keeps her treats and extra goodies in there. Why do I say that the microwave is the most exciting thing in the kitchen is because of the fact that it can make magic happen, within seconds, sure sometimes it takes a little longer. What it can do, nobody else can; it can heat a cup of coffee in forty seconds and cook a pizza in about twenty minutes. It can melt cheese and butter in less than ten seconds, now what more can you ask for. And if you want to heat leftovers, all you need to do is press the number keys on the microwave. There is no need for you to stand at the stove and stir anything or keep checking the heat. Microwave is a boon in a busy life schedule; it gives the most output with the least input. It is a true valuable machine that makes life easier.
It is always a good idea if you look through some online guide else you might be looking through a microwave buying guide for a replacement, in no time. Microwaves are short waves of light, which emit high energy and because of that food cooks faster in the microwave oven, than in a traditional one. But because it emits high energy, frequent use of the machine can overwork it and lower its efficiency. Sometimes, the machine gets over used and cannot work anymore without fixing. It is not a big deal, but it is best to cook food slowly and thoroughly if you have the time. Microwave should be limited to heating of already cooked items, to get the most output from the machine. I like my food to be cooked with love and care; slow cooking signifies that. Microwave cooking feels like a rush and not having enough time, to prepare the most important component of the day. I said that microwave is the most exciting thing about the kitchen, but over use it and it loses its charm. When it is used to make treats after a long day’s work, or heat a cup of coffee if staying up late at night, then it’s true worth is known. I love it, when after a long day’s work I can come home, and heat some yum leftovers in the magical microwave, and enjoy the same taste of the day before.