Leaving As The Riskiest Way On How To Get Your Ex Back

Yes, your relationship has inflicted so much pain. She was hurt and so are you. You have said words that should be left unspoken and so does she. Wounds have been created and no amount of conversation can make things work again. In short, everything is seemingly over. You think the same too. Suddenly, it occurred to you that you still love her and no matter how difficult things have become for you, you still love her. As such, the only option left for you now is to leave.

Yes, you might say that it is stupid. Is this the best way on how to get your ex back? What if she finds someone else? Well, this is the risk to take for leaving, but this is the safest way to go. Again, wounds have been caused and they can never heal in a snap of a finger. As they always say, only time can heal these wounds. Who knows? In time, you will cross ways and realize that you are really meant for each other.

By then, you are both mature to take on the roles of areal couple. You are completely healed from the pains caused by the past. You can now say that there is really a bright future ahead of you. This might take months, years or even decades to happen. However, if you really love her and you want to know how to get your ex back, you have to endure all these.

If you force things to be resolve right now, you will only hate each other more. When you try to forgive each other and assume that things are going to be fine again, you will just find out that things are going back to how they used to be.

Time can only tell you what’s next. If you are willing to face it, then you are now capable of making that relationship work for a lifetime.