Purposes of External Frame Backpacks

Through the years, external frame backpacks have dominated the market in the field of hiking equipment. However, when the internal frame backpacks were introduced in the market, they drew much attention and stole the limelight from the external frame packs. Although this may be the case, there are still some consumers who consider these backpacks as their ideal choice. That’s simply because there are particular purposes that only an external frame pack can be used for. Here are just some of them.

1.     Designed to carry heavy loads. External frame backpacks have weight capacity that is unbeatable. They have the ability to carry loads of weight. It is a well known fact that most backpackers need to bring a lot of gear and equipment with them but they can’t do that if they use an internal frame backpack. Only backpacks with external frames can allow them to do that. If you wish to bring heavy camping gear and carpentry tools with you on your trip, an external frame pack is the right option for you.

2.     Perfect for hot weather conditions. While it is true that internal frame packs are perfectly fitted to their users’ backs, this is a disadvantage when used during a hot and sunny day. Most of the time, backpackers schedule their trips during hot weather or summer season to avoid passing through wet and slippery trails. For this reason, they need backpacks that can provide excellent ventilation during times like these. Only external frame packs can give them this for they draw their packs away from their users’ bodies hence allowing them to enjoy good ventilation.

3.     Quick to Adapt. Do you have a child who constantly goes to backpacking trips with you? An external frame pack is the right backpack for him. Why is this so? External frame packs have extended bars which can be adjusted as the child grows. Aside from that, their hip belts and shoulder straps can also be adjusted with the help of their pin. This means that the bag grows together with the child and can be used for many years to come.

4.     Keeping gear and equipment organized. External frame backpacks have all the needed compartments and organizer pockets to keep their users gear and equipment in place. This feature is hard to find in other types of backpacks.

Clearly, backpacks with external frames can serve many purposes that other types of backpacks cannot provide. If you have needs and uses that are similar to the ones mentioned above, then it’s about time that you purchase your very own external frame backpack for camping and hiking.