The Three Classifications of Insomnia

Insomnia can be classified into three different types: initial, middle, and terminal or late insomnia. Although the causes of insomnia are all similar, the onset of the sleep problem can be different for every individual. In the case of terminal insomnia, a person suffers from sleeplessness after having slept for a few hours. Most of the time, terminal insomnia sufferers fall asleep easily but awaken after a few hours of sleep, usually at around 2 or 3 in the morning.

Terminal insomnia disorders are mostly psychological or physical problems. Stress, depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems can keep a person’s mind troubled, and this is one of the most possible causes of terminal insomnia. Physical injuries, diseases which cause physical pain, and other causes of bodily pains can also cause an individual to awaken in the middle of the night. The pain can prevent the individual from going back to sleep. In these cases, relaxation techniques are the most advisable methods for treatment.

Breathing techniques are effective methods for relaxing the entire body. There are a lot of breathing techniques that you can practice, but simple inhaling and exhaling can do a lot of good for the body. There are also exercises such as yoga and tai chi which help both the body and mind to relax. You can do these everyday in the morning to reduce the stress and discomfort of the body. Taking a warm bath before sleeping and drinking a relaxing herbal tea can also help eliminate stress from the body and result to better and more restful sleep.

You can also visit a doctor and ask for a professional advice. Medical solutions for insomnia include medications and therapies. It is also important to eliminate the root cause of the terminal insomnia, such as the disease or emotional disorder, in order to completely correct the sleep disorder.