The Feminine Floral Scents of Vera Wang Perfume

For those women who love the high fashion designs created by Vera Wang, you’ll be pleased to know she now has a complete line of women’s perfume products. The vera wang perfume line has several different fragrances available to choose from. There are the scents which have a touch of floral fragrance in them such as the Bouquet Perfume or the Flower Princess.

Ms. Wang has a natural ability to capture the types of fragrance that brings out a woman’s feminine side. The Flower Princess was specifically designed to appeal to the younger teen and was modeled after the kawaii movement in Japan. This particular scent comes in a decorative heart shaped bottle and is a limited edition item.

For a woman who desires a more sophisticated type of perfume the Sheer Veil scent would be more appropriate. This item captures the radiance of a woman when she sparkles for a formal occasion. It is great for any type of evening out or special holidays and weddings. This fragrance comes in a clear elegant bottle and uses a subtle flower scent from gardenias and white lilies. Along the same lines is her Truly Pink scent. This has a youthful feel to it as well and can also be used for a wedding fragrance. It also incorporates some sensual subtleties and uses flowers such as white freesia and lychee blossom.

Many of the products available in this line of fragrances come in specially designed gift boxes. Many are created to be limited edition items so if you want a particular fragrance it is a good idea to buy it when you see it. The empty bottles are sure to become collector’s items when these products are no longer available. If the product is hard to find in the United States, you may try looking at some online sites from other countries. The price for a particular bottle depends on the size and scent it is. The 1.7 ounce bottle of Rock Princess retails for about $43 while the 3.4 ounce size is about $70.