Your Complete Guide To Small Bathtubs

If you are one of those homeowners who have a small bathroom then the perfect answer for you is to invest in a small bathtub. A regular bathtub stretches to approximately 5ft in length – much too big for a small bathroom. The saving grace for these homeowners lies within the small bathtubs but many people wouldn’t know where to begin in order to find one. The search for a small bathtub can be a long and arduous one.

That being said, when you do find where to buy small bathtubs it will not be hard to find one that suits your existing decor or your tastes. There are various models available (please see below for more details on each type) and your best bet is to search in home improvement stores either locally or online.

First up on the list is the small corner bathtub; a must have for bringing out the best in your small bathroom. The benefits to installing a smaller corner bathtub are enormous; not least because it fits into a small bathroom without making it seemed cramp and many manufacturers will custom make one for you if you so wish. Next up is the Japanese small soaking tub that is a therapeutic and relaxing means of bathing as it is similar to a Jacuzzi.

Then we have the claw-foot bathtub of which there are a couple of versions. There is the claw-foot tub with an air jet feature that is very therapeutic and relaxing as it massages tired and aching muscles. Or the slipper claw-foot tub that is very deep and is low on one end but slightly raised on the other to allow for a more relaxing bath. The circular or round bathtub is another small bathtub that looks amazing and is really suited to small apartments. With a tiled rim and no sharp edges this bathtub spares no expense. Finally the whirlpool bathtub is another style of therapeutic small bathtub that is great for those with muscular aches and pains. The whirling sensation of the warm water helps to increase circulation and ease muscle tension to name but a few benefits.

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