Functional LED Grow Lighting

Purchasing an LED grow light will put you on your first steps to starting an indoor garden. Gardens that are grown inside of a controlled structure are known to perform better, as long as they have enough light. Sunlight shining through the window panes is not often enough to support a sizeable garden. To ensure that the plants grow successfully, an LED grow light is a must. When you first observe a light of this type, you will see distinct differences between them and your average light fixture. Under the frame is a series of LED bulbs which shine brightly. The bulbs are packed together because it amplifies their power.

The color of the led’s is very important too. You cannot simply place a bulb of any color inside of the fixture and expect your plants to flourish. Instead, the bulbs should be limited to colors of blue and re for maximum results. These colors are designed to promote plant growth without wasting energy on excess color like green which is not needed at all. Regular bulbs spit out colors of all types, generating heat and sucking up energy. LED’s are so refined that you could even reach out and place your hand on the panel with no pain.

Feel free to leave the grow light on for as long as needed, which is typically eight hours every day. To ease the burden, connect the LED grow lights to a timer. If you notice that any of the leaves are not getting light, an extra panel will be needed. To save floor space, try suspending the fixture overhead from the ceiling. Many panels have loops on the back which can be attached to a string. Any type of plant can be grown with a grow light system, granted that the ambient room temperature be suitable.