Distinguishing Between Different Types of Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are often considered one of the most precious gifts that the giver can give. As a matter of fact, almost every individual has had one version of the classic design at some point or another in their life. However, with the wide array of these items that are available, it’s helpful to know the differences in these products before making the purchase.

An important consideration when selecting from this assortment of intricate containers is the gender of the recipient. Valet boxes are designed specifically for men in mind, in most cases. They hold various contents, including items such as cuff links, rings and wallets for example, depending on the size of the individual compartments. Although styles vary considerably, valets tend to be more masculine.

Women’s jewelry boxes may be quite different and can vary significantly. They may have intricate designs and are manufactured to appeal to this specific group. These versions usually consist of compartments to hold necklaces, rings, earrings and other keepsakes. Decorative elements on the outside, such as flowers, beads and other details are not uncommon.

For the child or music lover, there is the musical jewelry box. When opened, they play a particular song or tune. Some may have pop up figurines such as ballerinas for example, to dance while the music plays and may consist of a theme. The consumer may also special order ones that play a particular or special tune. Intricate detailing and designs are also widely available in these selections.

Among all of these varieties is one of the most popular types, the wooden jewelry boxes, which are very diverse. These are constructed of different types of woods and can be purchased in multiple finishes. Cherry, pine and oak are a few of the more common, with cherry finish being among the most popular finishes. Personalization may consist of name plates or engravings, upon request of the consumer.

Despite the more classic versions, many also enjoy the beauty and style offered by the leather jewelry boxes. These combine more traditional and classic styles with the luxury associated with fine leather. Contrary to popular belief, this kind of product is not reserved specifically for men. They may be plain, personalized or ornamental, depending on exactly what the consumer is looking for. Most usually, these are given as gifts or keepsakes, but can be appropriately gifted for just about any occasion to anyone.