Hoshizaki Refrigerators: Features and Benefits

Flexibility and utmost cooling performance are just two of the most important key points when it comes to Hoshizaki refrigerators, specifically in the brand’s range of traditional reach-in units.  In fact, most of the well-established commercial settings like hotels, beach resorts, fast food courts etc. are all graced with refrigerator units from Hoshizaki, as they are all considered to be ideal cooling solutions for settings that need heavy duty cooling performance.

The state-of-the-art features that are present in most refrigerator units from Hoshizaki refrigerators optimize performance and solidify food preservation.  A typical Hoshizaki freezerless refrigerator can take more or less 20 cu. ft. worth of storage capacity.  When it comes to exterior features, the refrigerator unit is furnished with a stainless steel design that’s fingerprint and scratch-resistant.  On the inside, the refrigerator usually has three storage shelves to promote proper food placement.

Going deeper into the technical features and specifications you will be delighted to know that all refrigerators from Hoshizaki are all certified with Energy Star.  Even though commercial settings warrant you heavy-duty cooling performance, the refrigerator will never cost you too much power consumption that would increase the monthly bill.   Thanks to the automatic evaporator coil, you would not need to have an external drain for defrost, as you can initiate heated defrost cycles for at least once in every three hours.  If you are willing to chip in more money, then you can probably afford those traditional reach-in fridges with electronic temperature LED display.  This will make it easier for you to change or monitor the current temperature setting of your fridge even if you are busy handling your business.

The brand name Hoshizaki has garnered worldwide reputation status due to the fact that it is the second largest manufacturing company for commercial refrigerators.  So many distributors have signed for up Hoshizaki products due to the brand’s unwavering dedication to come up with the most reliable food service equipment and refrigeration units.  You can always benefit from a trouble-free and reliable brand like Hoshizaki.