How Does WordPress Make Money

WordPress is a powerful online publishing tool because it makes the lives of its users more convenient dealing with website development and content management. There a lot of functions and applications you can do using WordPress and the support continues to grow globally. The continual success of WordPress makes me wonder how does WordPress make money, and I’m certain you wonder the same question.

This subject matter interests me most because WordPress provide blogging software for free. How I believe it is relevant to ask how the company manages to survive with this kind of business setup. After a few hours of tedious researchers, I found three ways on how WordPress make money.

1. Premium accounts. I am definitely sure you’ve heard of premium accounts before or perhaps you’ve been asked to upgrade your membership for added exclusive features. Premium accounts offer a selection of services that come in fixed rates. If you want your own domain name, the upgrade price ranges from $12to $24 per year. If you need extra storage for your multimedia files, the upgrade price ranges from $19.97 to $289.97 per year depending on the size. If you want to fully customize your site with point-and-click interface CSS editor, the upgrade costs $30 per year.

2. Web hosting. In a previous post, I have mentioned about the WordPress VIP Saas Hosting that costs $3750 per month. Another option is the self-hosting that costs $15000 per year. This service is best recommended for large-scale enterprises. In fact, some of its clients are CNN, NBC Sports, and UPS, to name a few.

3. Paid features such Automatic Kismet, WordPress Support, Guide Transfer, VaultPress, and VideoPress. The Automatic Kismet is a commercial license of a spam protection plug-in that is so useful for corporate WordPress sites. On the other hand, purchasing a WordPress Support allows you to have exclusive subscription with the support network of automatic that responds to your specific issues immediately. Although the WordPress forums contain tips and guides from users and the support team, you might run into something which you can’t find in the forums so the WordPress Support is more reliable.

Meanwhile, in moving domains, you might want to purchase the Guide Transfer for $119 to assist you with all the transfer requirements and processes. Now, VaultPress allows you to automatically backup your files in the cloud for only $15 per month. And lastly, VideoPress allows you to host multimedia files with no bandwidth restrictions for only $60 per year.