Ideas for a Chocolate Wedding Cake

A chocolate wedding cake can be something that you use as the actual flavor but it can also be the inspiration for the actual decoration. Wedding cakes are really moving away a lot from just the basic white design style. Now we are seeing much more dramatic elements. This allows you to take a color that’s very popular both in fashion and home decor and bring it into your big day.

If you want something a little bit more traditional that’s still very striking then just try this as your accents. In fact your baker might even be able to create chocolate roses that will work against almost any background. Then you can just add a few of these in with the basic purple or pink blossoms for a very dramatic kind of effect.

Since this is such a striking element it can be the basis of your entire design which can apply to sweet sixteen cakes or modern wedding cakes. In this case, you really just want to go with more of a simple buttercream frosting which can also save you a lot of money though. This is also going to be a lot easier for you to accomplish if you or your making this yourself. In this case, you really want to mimic the look of stucco with a lot of waves and peaks in it. This allows the chocolate frosting itself to really become the star of the show.

Another really fun option is to go with a very traditional design style but just in a totally different color palette. This is going to use a lot of piping. It can just be a brown on brown design. If you were to venture into more browns and pinks or whatever your wedding color palette is then this can seem a little bit cheap and it might remind you of a birthday cake instead. Going with monochromatic color palettes instantly keeps it a lot more elegant.