How A Cordless Headset Can Increase Productivity

No matter if you work for a call center or you run your own home business, you have probably experienced the frustration of a corded headset when answering calls. You have limited mobility with a corded headset, since you can only go as far away from the receiver as the cord will allow. This means if you need to reach a file or get up from your desk that you have to take off the headset.

While this is an annoying feature in and of itself, what many people do not realize is this constant removal of the headset can cause damage to the cord, resulting in a microphone that does not work, or perhaps one or both of the speakers on the headset shorting out. To pay $200 for a headset only to have it short out after six months is not a well-spent business investment.

This is why it is recommended to use a cordless headset, since there are no cords to cause shorting or either the microphone or the speakers. Cordless headsets come in two different varieties: wireless and Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a form of wireless but instead of using frequencies that many wireless devices use, such as your router or cordless phone, it has its own frequency so there is less interference.

A Bluetooth cordless headset is generally used in conjunction with a cell phone, or VoIP protocol service such as Skype, or Vonage. General wireless headsets are great for use with standard telephones or used with VoIP programs as well.

Plantronics manufactures several models of cordless headset, with one suitable for your office needs. For multiline office phones, there are several models of wireless headsets to suit your wearing style. The talk time and battery life depend on the model, with several affordable ranges offering a balance between style of headset and talk time.