Valuables are well kept in a fireproof security box or fire safe.

A fireproof security box can protect family treasures if the home or building catches fire. A fireproof box might be the only thing left after the rest of the place has burned away. Some boxes are big, but most are just big enough for a few items. Most people just need a small one especially now that so many thousands of family photos can be stored on jump drives or external hard drives. Although a really prolonged hot fire might melt or damage these items even in a fire safe, so it is a good idea to have back up information else where.
The average house fire reaches about 1100 degrees Fahrenheit and lasts about thirty minutes. Fires can, however, easily reach 1400 degrees Fahrenheit within a matter of five minutes. Of course there are a lot of exceptions to the average temperature, but knowing the average can give You an idea of what to look for in a fire safe. A simple metal box will not protect items very well. Paper items like cash and documents need to be kept below four hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit or else it will start to blacken and possibly burst into flames. Computer disks and USBS need an even lower temperature and can start to become unless at more than one and twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit.
A Sentry Safe H2300 fire safe is water proof as well. This is good because after the fire department gets finished, everything is liable to be very wet. The safe isn’t that big with just a 0.36 cubic feet capacity. However that is more than enough room to hold some papers and USBs and the cost is under fifty dollars. The manufactures boast this safe can protect USBs and other sensitive items for a half hour with the temperatures of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Costumers seem to mostly like the safe except it can be a bit hard to open unless you know just how.
You can find a large fireproof security box and some are sold for well over two hundred dollars and come equipt with alarms. The fireproof boxes should also be water proof in case of floods as well as to handle the large amounts of water usually put on a house fires. We all have treasures and sometimes the treasures are pictures that can never be replaced. A person does not need to have millions in treasure to have something that is worth the world to them. Fortunately, most of the items can be protected in with the right fire safe.