New Ideas for Tapestry Curtains

Tapestry curtains are very elegant. They are also very heavy. However, this is a pretty traditional design style, which means that you can find it on a budget. This can even be quite energy-efficient especially if it’s lined. This is definitely going to be a lot heavier then just basic sheer curtains. This is really going to give a much more substantial feeling to them.

One thing that you might want to consider going for in any modern kind of look is going to be a monochromatic palette. This can really be very textural. It is really just going to focus in on a very subtle damask kind of pattern. This is to going to be a lot less dated than more ornate or colorful window curtains.

You can also really go with this in the Tuscan design style which uses a heavier upholstery fabric with softer elements like blue wallpaper. In this case you’re going to want to go with a basic neutral pattern. However, it’s going to be very elegant and very rich. This could be a very lush chenille tapestry.

This is a common technique for the Tuscan style that can also even feature a Paisley design style. This is really way the drama comes into play. The neutral colors still keep it pretty livable. It can have a lot of different taupes along with turquoise. This is a great way to really tone down orange decor. It’s going to make it a lot more traditional. You can still want the palette in your room while still decorating with neutral colors. This is a great option if you want to go with bold colors on your wall, but you still want it in the room for more of a Tuscan feeling in your space. This can also put in more traditional directions depending on your furniture and artwork. This is perfect because oftentimes you keep your curtains for quite a long while.