The Yamaha Flute Series

The Yamaha flute, known for its high-quality design and excellent acoustic capabilities, is the result of decades of musical research by experts. Years of experience and research has made it possible for instruments of this quality to be developed. Beginner models like these introduce neophyte musicians to the world of music and helps to develop their skills. Both durable and constructed of high-quality materials, the Yamaha flute can also be used by seasoned flautists – it’s strength is in its flexibility.

Yamaha is a leading manufacturer of flutes and other instruments worldwide. Making flutes for players at every skill and experience is their hallmark. The 200 series is one option for beginning to intermediate students because of its durability and ability to last for a long time. The 300 and 400 series are targeted more towards general intermediate players because of an increase in musical quality, as well as exceptional tone. Despite this increase in quality, the price range for intermediate flutes are still affordable.

For premium quality, the Yamaha 600 and 700 series are available. These are geared towards professional players and flautists. The 600 and 700 series are built with sterling silver parts and entirely of sterling silver, respectively. This improves the tone of the instrument. Series 800 and 900 are made for expert and professional musicians, who will generally demand more of their instruments in terms of quality. These are hand-made on order and often include specifications included by the musician. These specifications are meant to improve the tonal experience of the musician, and this varies depending on who is playing the instrument.

Yamaha flutes are also made with alto and bass tunings, which means that there exists a full musical range for musicians at every skill level. This kind of variety, coupled with the high-quality and reliability of Yamaha instruments, has cemented the company as one of the most well-known purveyors of instruments on earth.

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