Simple Steps to Manual Home Water Leak Detection

The water which flows through pipes, leak following a minor cut or break in the water pipeline. Sometimes, the fissure is large and will lead to flooding and this is promptly rectified. But in cases of minor water leaks, it goes unnoticed. Only a keep lookout for water leak signs and manual water leak detection will keep your water pipeline perfect at all time. Small pools of water on the floor or moist walls are signs to look out for prompt water leak detection. But most people miss these simple signs and keep pondering over the high water bills. It is then that they realize the need for quick water leak detection system. Before calling a plumber, everyone can do a manual quick check by themselves.

All the water outlet means will have to be shut down to check for any water leaks. Begin with the pipes and faucets. Close all in the toilets, hand wash and kitchen. Shut off all the valves below the wash sinks to prevent any water flow through them. Then check for water flow to the appliance like water purifiers, washing machine and the dishwasher. If you have any other devices like a water cooler connected to a water supply or an ice maker, hut down on all that. With this you have ensured that there is no water running out from the pipe outlets, any water that may run out at this point, will help in water leak detection.

Find the water meter which is placed outside the house. Mostly it might be on the outer walls. The water meter is usually a gauge meter where water used up is measured in the gauge marked with 1 cubic foot interval markings. Mark the point of the gauge needle after you have shut down all water outlets. This level marks the water reading at that point.

After you have closed all the pipes and valves and there is no water loss from the pipes, the water meter needle should not move. Check back at the gauge meter after an hour or so. If there be any displacement of the needle from the marking, then this points to a water leak. It denotes a leak in the internal plumbing system of your house. Call a water leak detection professional who will spot the exact location of the water leak and repair it immediately. You can help by informing of any pooled water or small dripping noise that you may have noticed.