Best Gallery Plugin for WordPress Blog

WordPress has continuously developed to accommodate today’s era of media and social networking convergence by expanding blog tool features for its users. Today’s generation of blog users is consumed with online media contents, presumably due to the popularity of photography and SLR cameras. Also, publishing platforms like WordPress have partnered with in-demand social networking sites which enable online media contents to be manageable and organized. A WordPress blog may contain Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google +, and a lot more widgets , so it is like a all-in-one page for online contents.

Another transition practiced by the netizens—an informal term for constant Internet users—is the ongoing shift from pure text to photo blogs, or combined. Online publishing platforms have been essential tool for artists to showcase their works of arts and utmost talents, especially in photography and web design. Because of this continuous recognition, gallery plugins and widgets penetrate the blogging cyber world to assist bloggers with hassle-free and advanced media files storage and display options. Speaking of that, WordPress is one of the well-loved user-friendly publishing platforms because of its free rich feature add-ons, extendibility, and reliable open source community. It has an amazingly extensive collection of gallery plugins, either images or videos.

Up-to-date, WordPress has 18, 484 plugins, which vary according to specified functions, ready for download. I have compiled the most downloaded gallery plugins from the site and those that made to the top 35 best WordPress gallery plugin reviews from various sites. Please do note that any of these plugins can be the best gallery plugin for WordPress of your choice depending on your own preference and gallery requirements. Although I haven’t tried all of them, they made to my list based on user ratings and visual perception.

My top photo/video gallery plugins for WordPress:
1. Vimeo video player plugin. I love this video gallery plugin because a. its interface looks simple yet functional and easy to manage; b. you can play any type of video file that Flash Player supports; c. file integration is easy because of its simple shortcode.
2. GRAND FlAGallery—the best photo gallery announced by the community of, with more than 400 thousand downloads. Its latest version 1.66 is now available for download and only compatible with WordPress version 3.0 or higher.
3. Cincopa Media Platform. This plugin features full HD video playback and full customization all-in-one media platform. What I like about this plugin are the skins that give added visual effects to photo gallery. Amazingly, Cincopa has a total of 694,496 downloads up to date.
4. Fotobook. For Facebook frequent users, this plugin may be your best bet because it uses the Facebook API for easy importing of photo albums.