Types Of Short Term Car Insurance

Do you know that there are different types of short term car insurance policies available in the market? Just as is the case with its longer version, you can get comprehensive insurance that covers a large number of risks.

On the other hand, you can opt for third party insurance that will simply protect your vehicle for short duration from your liability towards third party. The cost of repairing the vehicle of the third party will be borne out of your policy. The cost of repairing your vehicle will not be covered by the short term car insurance policy.

If you are traveling with your own vehicle and if you intend to go on a long vacation, opting for a short term policy that covers theft alone will be a smart move. Your normal insurance service provider may refuse your claim stating that using the vehicle for such a long vacation was not covered by the policy at all.

Or, the insurance company may indicate that you were negligent and were responsible for part or whole of the blame. That is to say, the long term insurance service provider may not be keen on fulfilling such a claim. On the other hand, short term policy that is opting specifically for the risk of theft will cover your loss as long as you prove that you were not negligent in any manner.

If you were to leave the keys in the vehicle and if you were to walk out of it and if it were to get stolen, you can be rest assured that the insurance company is not going to pay. This is a standard exclusion that is applicable to almost all short term car insurance policies.

If you live in hurricane country, you may consider the option of protecting your vehicle from such risks as well. The cost of cleaning a car that was buried under water and mud for a few hours can be unbelievably exorbitant. Having a short term car insurance policy apart from your standard policy to cover this risk may be a smart move.

Just make sure that the exclusions of the policy are clear and understood. If the policy does not cover an automobile that has been parked in the open during the hurricane, then you may lose out despite having short term car insurance just because you did not have a private garage.

Make it a point to understand the terms and conditions well. If you have any doubts, get it clarified before you sign on the dotted line. Do not presume that you can afford to be negligent just because it is short term car insurance. Things don’t work that way. Every insurance deal should be signed only after proper analysis.