The Wood Plant Stand; Natural and Stylish

For people who enjoy the look and comfort of having plants inside their homes; appreciating the oxygen output and the carbon monoxide intake that plants participate in, the display can be nearly as important as the plant. How a plant is displayed adds an element of character and personality to the plant and the area in which it resides. It can speak volumes about the people as well as the plant itself. In addition, for many plant lovers, nothing is more beautiful than a wood plant stand. Being the product of a “plant”, the wood element of the stand becomes more than a display tool or piece of furniture; it assumes a direct correlation to the nature of the plant it supports. Given the perfect combination of stand and plant, it soon becomes evident that the plant is as much of a display for the stand as the stand is for the plant.

There are so many styles and types of wood plant stands available that one could fill an estate with them and never duplicate. You can purchase stained, unstained, indoor, outdoor, finished, unfinished, tiered, as a small table, or any number of other styles. There are Maple varieties, Cherry, Oak, Pine, Mahogany, Ebony, and so many more. The number of possible variations is staggering. It is obvious that the love of natural Earth products is inherent in man’s DNA, and explains why you will always find more plant stands, as well as many other household items, that are made of wood or stone.

If you’re the “handyman” or “handywoman” creative type, and prefer the art of designing and/or building your own, there are many wood plant stand plans available for you to dig into and create your own stand. Another characteristic of humanity is the enjoyment of creating with our hands. In addition, if you are looking for a project to exercise and stretch your creative wings with, you cannot find a better option than hand crafting a plant stand.