The Perfect Wintec Saddles

Wintec is a saddle manufacturer in Australia that has been making quality saddles for close to eighty years. The Bates Australia company established the Wintec subsidiary in about the middle of the 1930s. People who ride horses should thank Wintec for the Gullet that is easy change, and the system of the CAIR panel.

With the CAIR panel, parts of the saddle are filled with air. This can encourage the horse to relax its muscle not work against the saddle. A comfortable horse makes a much safer and happier horse which makes you safer and happier as well. A horse constantly bothered by an uncomfortable saddle might start bucking and bolting.

The Easy-Change System is another wonderful invention. It will grow with your horse changing and adapting as your horses body matures and changes. This is much cheaper than buying new saddles every time your horse gets bigger. A saddle that always fits properly is healthier for the horse. By being able to adjust the saddle, the rider can keep the saddle from putting stress on pressure points or making the horse walk incorrectly. A saddle that is good should be able to go above the withers and allow some clearance. The withers is the high boney part that is on the back right between the shoulders. It is on the base of the neck and the highest part of a horses back. A saddle like this should allow the shoulder blades to move easily. The saddle should also even out the weight along the horses back, so it is well balanced. No two horses are a like, so the experts who design Wintec saddles try to make the saddle work with all different horse sizes and shapes.

There are also lightweight saddles by Wintec that are good for small horses or jumping. Another type of Wintec saddle is the kind made with synthetic materials. It is rather hassle free. There are some saddles that are weatherproof and it does not hurt for them to get wet. This saddle is a good choice for riders who like to ride horses in the water. It can be fun to ride a horse that is swimming. is the web site to see visit to see the saddles.

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