Where can I find an oil filter crusher?

The simple answer to that is on Amazon, but the real question is here why do you need one? Unless you have an auto repair shop you probably won’t need an oil filter crusher. The filter crusher is a device that’s used to, as it sounds, squeeze a used oil filter so that they used oil can be drained out of the bottom. This is an admirable caller as we need to recycle this precious resource for economical and environmental reasons but in reality if you want to do it at home they are simply too expensive and do not get enough used to warrant the outlay.

A much better idea is to take the used oil filter, along with the oil you’ve drained from the slump to your local recycling depot. You might even be able to use your local auto shops recycling sump and they may do the crushing of the filter for you. Of course, this is much more likely if they are your local garage and you have built a relationship with them over time.

To understand why we need to change the oil in the first place we need to know the as well as lubricating” and the engine it is also used to clean it. The cleaning and prevent the buildup of a black gunk which can lead to overheating and reduced oil pressure. Chemical additives are used to clean the island is get used up over time. Not only this but the oil also carries detritus found in the engine out of the core and through an oil filter. Over time the filter becomes saturated with this debris and needs to be changed. You can tell when the filter has become saturated because the oil pressure gauge will start indicating low pressure. Of course there are other reasons for this as well and the first thing you should do is check that you have enough oil before becoming too alarmed. However you should take action swiftly because running a car on low engine oil is very damaging.