Two Amazing Houses For Barbie

A lot of girls still really do love their Barbie dolls. And for parents who have children that love her then they are lucky that they no longer need to hunt around for gift ideas. There are two houses, the Barbie glam vacation house and the Barbie dream townhouse that are guaranteed winners as gifts. These are two houses that will bring delight to any young girl who loves her dolls.

The vacation house is perfect for when the children want to take their Barbie with them everywhere. The house folds up and is deigned to be totally portable. We will see that without doubt we are getting something that is going to be perfect for playing absolutely anywhere as it takes just a few seconds to open the house out. It has lots of furniture and other things to make it a great gift for the children.

But for the ultimate Barbie gift it has to be the 3 ft high dream townhouse. This is on 3 levels with an elevator and tons of great furniture. The house also has lots of sound effects and comes with a hot tub, real lights, and even has a tv and a fire. The large dream townhouse is becoming very hard to find and is quite rare but you can still but it online from a few places.

If you want to buy this then it is best done soon as it seems like it may well go out of stock. The dream townhouse is one of those items that young girls dream of as it has everything to really spend hours playing with favorite dolls and is large enough to get lots of friends over to play in it as well.

So, two great houses that are sure to impress any Barbie fan and see them being very happy indeed.