Who Pays for What in Wedding Expenses

After the big question of “Will you marry me?” has been answered in the affirmative, don’t bring out the party hats just yet.  The bigger concern of who will pay for what in the wedding will have to be answered.  Traditionally, it is the bride’s family who is in charge of most of the expenses, especially in everything in connection with the day of the wedding, from the ceremony up to the reception which happens after. So a portable dance floor rental for instance will be paid by them.

As for the family of the groom, they would need to shoulder their individual costs as being a part of the wedding, and pick up the tab for costs related to the wedding rehearsal (including the rehearsal dinner), usually happening the day before the big event.   The groom and the bride themselves are not spared of expenses, as they will have to take care of buying the wedding rings, the cost for the marriage license and gifts for the wedding party.

Over the years, the roles of which party would pay for wedding expenses as mentioned above have been challenged because of a number of factors. Nowadays, both the bride’s and the groom’s family may divide all the expenses of the wedding in half. Another practice that has changed is that people getting married are more mature now than they used to be years ago when saying “I do”.

Couples to be married now are college degree holders and can support themselves with their own income. In the case of self-supporting couples, the groom and bride themselves relieve their families of the costs and shoulder the expenses themselves, from those related with their wedding ceremony to their reception. But this practice is not a norm as different couples adapt to different methods of assuming responsibility in picking up the tab.

Another area about wedding expenses that is often overlooked is wedding tips. Wedding service providers that aim to make everything from the ceremony to the reception go smoothly are available for a price.  These service providers bill clients for all their services rendered, and it would be great for the wedding party to give a tip to indicate their appreciation for a job well done.  This may not be the case if the service provided was not that good.

In a lot of cases, tips for particular crew members such as waiters at the reception, are already included in the bill that the provider presents.  Others who are not included in the tips would be the officiate of the wedding ceremony and the bridal car driver.

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