Choosing Murphy Bed Hardware

A Murphy bed is a great solution for small spaces or areas where you want to hide a bed. You can fold up a Murphy bed in your small apartment to create more living space, or you can hide a Murphy bed in stylish cabinetry in your office to get some much needed rest during late work nights. If you are building your own Murphy bed, the variety of choices in Murphy bed hardware can be intimidating. Here are some tips for selecting the right hardware for your project.

Bed Orientation

Before selecting hardware, you must decide if you want your Murphy bed to open along the short or long side of the bed. Typically, the short side is preferred, but the long side might be a better option depending on your space.

If you have a big budget, there are many Murphy bed package options to choose from. You will find that several companies claim to have created the “perfect” Murphy bed assembly. Some offer simple hardware packages, while others offer complete hardware and decorative cabinet packages. Your choice will most likely depend on the size of your budget. If you select a simple hardware package, make sure the package includes detailed instructions on how to use the hardware to assembly a Murphy bed, as well as a cut list that details the size and type of lumber needed for the project.

Frame Options

When researching Murphy beds, you will find two basic hardware options – those with full frames and those without full frames. The choice is really up to you. The full frames consist of a metal frame that pulls down to create the bed frame and legs. Murphy beds without full frames usually consist of a wooden frame on hinges, with legs that pop out when the bed is lowered. Regardless of the choice you make, be sure to consider framing materials and weight limits.