How to Play Numb on Piano

Are you a fan of Linkin Park song Numb? Learn trivial information and tips how to play Numb on piano from this article.

The American rock band Linkin Park is one of the many successful bands that made it to the worldwide music scene in the 90s. The band was named by MTV2 as “the sixth greatest band of the music video era in 2003.” Similar to the success stories of other leading international bands, the Linkin Park had faced several setbacks before finally making it to the limelight through a record deal with the Warner Bros. Records in 1999. Since then, Linkin Park has been unstoppable, with sold-out music records, sold-out world concert tours, and topping music charts of the millennium.

One of the most popular songs released on their 2003 album Meteora is Numb. The remarkable eminence of Linkin Park is that the song lyrics they write and sing penetrate into their listeners’ hearts and often, all of us can relate to any of their songs. Although their music is a combined alternative metal, nu metal, rap rock, and alternative rock, which others may link to rebellion, the meaning of their songs holds true to real life experiences. The official music video of Numb portrays the song title as a deep emotion of just wanting to be freed from all the pain and rejection. In the later months of 2003 up to the early months of 2004, Numb topped the US Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks for 12 weeks. The song also topped the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks and Greek Singles Chart and was placed 2nd on Austrian Singles Chart in 2004.

Due to its worldwide sensation, Linkin Park later collaborated with American rapper Jay-Z and both produced the song Numb/Encore which won the Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration in 2006.

Going back to the song Numb, I see a lot of searches on how to play that song on the piano. The music intro of the song presents piano or keyboard tunes, which basically is shown on the music video as well. On this part, only melody notes are being played. The chords are A-C-A-D-F-E-A-C-A-F-E-C-A-C-A-D. It is impossible to learn how to play a song with instructions on a written article so the best way to teach yourself how to play Numb on piano is through video tutorials or through piano sheets, whichever way you’re most comfortable with.

Below is a list of reliable and effective video tutorials and a link on where you can download the Numb piano sheet.


Here is an inspirational piano version of Numb It is by far the best one.