How to Add Google Analytics to Joomla

Joomla is one of the in-demand open source content management system software utilized by a number of independent and enterprise-web developers. Among its clienteles are Ebay, McDonald’s, IKEA®, Barnes & Noble, Jaguar, UK Ministry of Defence, High Court of Australia, just to name a few. If you would go over the list of companies and government offices that use Joomla, you would also observe that many of these companies are inclined in the marketing and advertising field. This is due to the substantial support Joomla provides its clientele in various web functions and industries through extensions and plugins. When we speak of a Joomla plugin that works for marketing strategy, the famous concept that comes in mind is the Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a proficient marketing tool that allows all types of enterprises—small, medium, or large—to keep track on the progress of their marketing initiatives. It is “The What, The Why, and The How” of the marketing industry. Its goal is to allow companies to track sales and conversions, to show them how visible their site is to the public, how people explore the map site, what areas of the site people are more interested in, etc. All answers to these questions will be reported back to the site administrator. To collect information, Google Analytics utilize JavaScript codes and first-party cookies, in case you’re wondering how it works. If you’ll just go over the entire features and product information of Google Analytics, you’ll find out more capabilities—amazing and truly efficient ones.

For those who decide to utilize Google Analytics, you may sign up here But if you already have an existing Joomla website, the easiest solution on how to add Google Analytics to Joomla is by using a Joomla plugin.

There are over 49 Google Analytics plugins available at the Joomla Extensions Directory. If you are using the Joomla version 1.7 and below, I recommend the popular BIGSHOT plugin. Based on users’ reviews, it is the most user-friendly Google analytics plugin for Joomla. Meanwhile, Joomla has recently released its latest version, the 2.5, and a lot are concerned whether Joomla has updated its Analytics plugins to support the new version. Well, Joomla users, ladies and gentlemen, worry no more! Based on application rankings in the Joomla Extensions Directory site, the Asynchronous Google Analytics plugin and the GAnalytics receive higher votes than the others and these have full support for the version 2.5. So, it is up to you to explore and decide which plugin works for your preference.

Enjoy Joomla and be amazed by Google Analytics.